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Introduction to Stop the Bleed

Introduction to Stop the Bleed

"Stop the bleed" is a movement dedicated to stopping preventable deaths due to blood loss.

According to, people who suffer from uncontrolled bleeding due to events such as car crashes, shootings, stabbings, or childbirth can die within 5 minutes of their injury. If the victim is deprived of oxygen for even 3 minutes, brain damage will occur and result in death later on down the road .

The web site also states that "every two minutes, someone in the United States dies from blood loss." The fact that this type of accident or violence can strike at any time at any place makes it critical for every person to know how they can help save lives if ever faced with an emergency.

The Stop the Bleed program seeks to correct this issue by teaching people how to take a 5-minute course on how to become a life saver. First responders and law enforcement officers will be taught these skills, but they aren't the only ones who can help.

Anyone from everyday citizens, students, bystanders, sport shooters, hunters , and even public transportation drivers are encouraged to complete the training in order to learn how they can effectively save lives in case of an emergency. When completed, each student will receive an official "Stop the Bleed" T shirt that is designed with red material featuring white blood droplets in order for the shirt to easily stand out when worn during emergencies.

Taking action at home and in the community is key to ensuring that lives can be saved in a time of need. To sign up for Stop the Bleed or find out more about this important movement, visit their web site at

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